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About MER

Formed in 1969, the Museum Education Roundtable fosters professionalism among museum educators by encouraging leadership, scholarship and research in museum- based learning. MER provides leadership in professional development for a broad and diverse audience of museum practitioners and educators. Through its publications, programs, and active communications network, MER:

  • Supports professionalism among peers and others committed to excellence in museum-based learning,
  • Encourages leadership, scholarship, and research in museum-based learning, and
  • Advocates the inclusion and application of museum-based learning in general education and life-long learning.

MER publishes the Journal of Museum Education, the only journal printed in the United States that is devoted to the theory and practice of museum education. Written by museum and education professionals, JME articles explore innovations in the field of museum education, teaching strategies for use in museums and other informal learning environments, visitor research, and evaluation.

MER is committed to the core values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. We believe that as an organization, we have a professional responsibility to address the intersecting histories of oppression and resistance that shape hierarchies of privilege and power related to race, gender identity, class, sexuality, ethnicity, religion, ability and national origin and their role in museum education. We are committed to serving as advocates for these values to the wider field and through the Journal of Museum Education.

For more information about MER, please visit our primary website, http://www.museumedu.org
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